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Mathematicians4Malawi ride again in 2013...

... and this time it's double the distance!

Early start at Clapham Common The finish line in Brighton

In June 2012, Irene Wooldridge and Steve Wilson joined the 27,000 cyclists to complete the London to Brighton cycle ride. As the Mathematicians4Malawi, academic gowns were modified and mortar boards were strapped to cycle helmets. Mathematical symbols, formula and mathematical sayings were added to the gowns. See pictures above.

Many thanks for your kind and generous sponsorship. With your help, we raised over £1,100 for the Malawian Partnership Project.

To continue to help raise money for the Malawi Partnership Project, Irene and Steve are doubling their efforts in 2013 and being joined by David Fox.

Picture of David Fox

Steve and Irene are once more cycling the London to Brighton bike ride plus two other rides and are being joined by others including David Fox. In all, David Irene and Steve are cycling the following:

1st June 2013 Norwich50: 50 miles Steve & David (see report)
16th June 2013 London to Brighton: 54 miles Irene, Steve and David
21st July 2013 London to Southend: 52 miles Irene & Steve

Your sponsorship is for the riders completing all their rides. To pledge your sponsorship for Irene, Steve and David, please click on the Sponsor button, the money will be requested after July 21st.

Thank you for your sponsorship. Reports and photos of the rides will appear thropught June an dJuly.

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The Riders:
Irene is a Maths senior lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire and Steve is a former mathematics colleague of hers, so they know how to count, can differentiate between the hills and valleys, co-ordinate a plan and calculate a square root to Brighton, Norwich and Southend, and with luck, get there in a fraction of the time. David is a recently retired headteacher who can count maths lecturers, tell the difference between his hypotenuse and the square on the other two sides and knows how many beans make five!



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