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Leanne Tompkins Well done Steve,a great effort for a good cause, hopefully you didnt need your first aid skills along the way!   £10
Pete and Dianne Carter Don't let the back wheel catch the front one. Well done all.   £20
Jeff Joynson Well done all. Great cause. Do LEJOG next, you know you want to.   £50
Alan Good luck - hope the Southend ride goes well   £5
Chris Rix Good luck on the Last Ride to Southend   £20
Hazel Berry Well done, take care Irene!   £10
Milly & Andrew Well Done for an excellent ride!   £20
Janet Bliss Well done Steve, Good Luck to all 3 of you!   £10
Robin Yeomans Good Luck to you all...   £10
Louise Knight Good Luck   £5
Trev Smith I have the privilege to make it a 'grand' project! Keep safe and enjoy.   £30
Rumnique Gill Good luck Steve and friends! :-)
Chris Fox     £30
Chris Howell Irene, you continue to be amazing!

per mile

Digby Warren Hi Steve and friends - what a generous commitment to a good cause - have fun and cycle safely! Hope the weather will be fine, too. Best wishes, Digby   £50
Charl Fregona Go Steve and Irene go! May the road rise up to meet you and the sun be at your backs.   £25
Good Luck!   £10
Dave & Annette
You're not on the road to nowhere - you're on your way to the Cycling-for-Charity Hall of Fame (just been created)... so, we utter those inspirational words (well, letters I suppose - but it is an acronym)... JFDI...!!   £25
Liz Grugeon

Irene and Steve you are wonderful. I am so impressed by what the University of Bedfordshire is doing on this amazing project - so, so important.

Very best wishes both for your cycling and for the project itself.
Good luck
Liz Grugeon xx

Dave Wooldridge Very impressed with you all - and I get to visit Southend too!   £50
Paul Sainsbury Good luck Steve, Irene & David. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to devise yet more of those really annoying cyling-related O Level maths questions!   £15
Di Parton Irene, rather you than me. Go Girl Go.   £10
Jenni Back Good luck - hope the sun shines and the wind is behind you! Great cause and I hope you raise loads for it.   £25
Nick Hudleston Good luck Irene xx   £10
Helen Williams Madness! .... very impressed and looking forward to seeing you both in your lycra.   £20
John Mason

Go for it, Irene!

Have you ever tried to work out how the gear ratios work as a sequence?

(and don't forget to 'say what you see' as you go, recalling your poster session so long ago!)



Richard Squire

Good luck with all
three rides .


Peter and Jenny

We wish you the very best of luck in raising money for such a worthy cause.   £30
janyerby Good luck Irene, Steve and David in supporting these wonderful people.   £10
Mrs Denise
Good luck and very best wishes, Denise   £100
Kath Cook

Don't forget the vaseline! a smear in the right places will prevent chafing. Good luck David.

Gail Airey
John Woods
We are sure you will do it David. Keep up the training!! All for a worthy cause.   £20
Dave King Let's hope that this year's dress standards will be just as high!   £50
Eithne Leming More power to those legs!   £15
Scott Herbertson     £20
Di and John
Go for the miles, Steve, not the defilbrilator!!!   £30
AC & GM Ilett

This is a tremendous thing to do for such a worthwhile cause, hope the weather is good to you and wish you all every success, happy cycling

Clive & Gillian
x x x x x x

Pierre Wooldridge     £53
Mary Wilson So, 3 rides? That's a lot of sore posteriors. Go guys go.   £50
Mark Berry Come on Irene   £20
Elizabeth Clarke     £10
Russell Hill     £10
Mike Wooldridge Go on mum - keep pedalling   £25