Reports on the rides so far...

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London to Brighton

...We are 66 ²³ % completed

Having completed the Norwich 50 on 1st June, the intrepid trio, along with five other friends, embarked on 16th June on the 2nd stage of our three-pronged tour: the London to Brighton bike ride. We left Clapham Common at 6.45am. It was cooler than some had expected, but the forecast rain held off for a while until we were greeted on our first hilly sections with some "refreshing" drizzle. The drizzle continued for much of the ride, but after ascending Ditchling Beacon (a 1.5 mile 1-in-6 climb) and a celebratory 99 ice cream cone on the top, the sun came out and gave us a warm home-coming down the Brighton Promenade at 2.30pm.

Clapham Common
Clapham Common 6am (click photo)

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach 3pm (click photo)

Beach with flag
With the Malawi Flag (click photo)

So that leaves just one ride to go: the London to Southend on 21st July. Thank you to all our sponsors whose messages may be seen on the pledge page.

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The Norwich 50

One down, two to go...

Norwich 50 at the start

Norwich 50 at the finish

On 1st June, David and Steve completed the Norwich 50, the first of our three bike rides.  The undulating 50 mile ride under cloudy and breezy conditions was completed with many thousands of other riders who had opted for the 25, 50 or 100 mile ride.  The ride started and finished in the Norwich Cathedral grounds.  We started at 8.30 and returned to crowds of well-wishers and a celebratory ice cream... yes, even though it was still chilly!

Photos of us at the start (with our Mathematicians4Malawi outfits) and at the finish (without them) are above.

So, that's one ride done.  The next, involving all three of us (and a few other friends) is the London to Brighton on 16th June.  Wish us well for the next leg of our three pronged challenge.


London TO SouthenD

The Last Ride...

Irene and Steve at the Start Finish

Irene and Steve duly completed the London to Southend bike ride on Sunday 21st July. It was a warm day amidst the scorching weather of late, but mercifully, it remained cloudy though out the whole ride with the sun breaking through only when we approached Southend. We set off at 7.45 and arrived at the finish just before 1.00pm. Photographs of us at the start and the finish are above.

Thank you for sponsoring us for completing all of the bike rides. You make have already given David, Irene or Steve your sponsorship money. If so, your generosity is much appreciated.

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